DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

So, as promised here is a quick tutorial on how to use flocking powder. I like to use it to make hard-sculpted things look fuzzy, but you can also use it for everyday crafting like: fuzzy letters for scrap booking, finishing the inside of a nice decoupaged box, or I even saw someone do their nails with it on Google!!


How To Use Flocking Powder

FlockingHowTo1 280x206 DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

Supplies needed to do Flocking. Pretty much the same as doing glitter!

So these are the basic supplies you’ll need to cover anything with flocking powder:* Paperclay Sculpture (or other)* Acrylic Paint* Elmer’s Glue* Paint Brush* Flocking Powder* A piece of paper or box to gather loose powder when you’re done

FlockingHowTo2 206x280 DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

Order Flocking Powder online. It comes in either shakers or a bag.

This is how Flocking Powder comes. Either in a bottle with a handy salt-shaker top or in a bag. I buy mine online, but if you look really hard, you might be able to find it at a Hobby Shop or Specialized Craft Store.

FlockingHowTo3 280x213 DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

Different ways to apply the flocking powder. If your powder cam in a bag, you can use a small squirt bottle to apply it.

If you powder comes in a bag, you can use this fancy trick for easy application. Just take a small squirt bottle (got mine really cheap at the craft store) & cut the top open wider. This will give you a nice POOF of powder!

FlockingHowTo4 268x280 DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

Paperclay parts painted with acrylic paint ready for flocking powder

Now take whatever you are flocking & paint a nice coat of acrylic on top. I’ve seen where people say that you can change the “tint” of the flocking powder by what shade you use for the under coat, but I really can’t tell a difference. You’ll be coating the heck out of it, it’s just a safety in case you miss a spot.

FlockingHowTo5 280x130 DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

Just apply a layer of (slightly) thinned Elmer’s Glue with a brush.

Now just paint a coat of Elmer’s Glue onto your piece. Be sure it’s decently thick so you get good coverage.

FlockingHowTo6 280x179 DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

Shake, Shake, Shake… Shake, Shake, Shake… Shake the Powder!

It’s time to FLOCK! Now just pour the powder on. Don’t worry about using too much, only so much will stick to the glue. You can always gather the left over powder & put it back in the container! No Waste!

FlockingHowTo7 209x280 DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

Put as much powder on as you want! Then let it dry

It’ll look super fuzzy, THAT’S GOOD! Just let the powder sit & soak. It’s a good idea to try & flock the entire piece at once cause you can get some pretty weird layered effects if you try & do it in sections. Let it dry for a few hours before you shake off the extra. Most WILL come off!

FlockingHowTo8 280x250 DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

One layer of Flocking Powder. I like to blow off all the extra & do another coat for a good coverage.

Here are the chicken bits with one layer of Flocking Powder on them. I like a nice thick coat of fuzz, so I wait till it’s completely dry then blow off all the extra powder do another coat of glue & powder. Be sure that all the extra fluff is off cause you’ll get rock-hard fuzzy boogers if you don’t!

FlockingHowTo9 280x263 DIY Tutorial: How To Use Flocking Powder!

Finished Base & Chicken Legs covered in Flocking Powder

And here is the base & legs! I really like working with the Flocking Powder cause you can get some pretty nice detail. I’ll use it for anything that is really thin like insect legs because it looks mostly like felted wool without working so hard with thin wool over armature wire. You get the look without losing the structure!

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  1. March 11, 2013 at 1:11 PM

    That is awesome! Thanks for the tutorial – it really finishes off nicely if you’re looking for an overall soft fuzzy look.

    • March 11, 2013 at 1:41 PM

      Thanks! Yea, I’m too picky… wish I could be more loose!

      Your sculptures are FANTASTIC! Love everything, plush, dolls, & needle felting! SQUEEE!!! Love them all!!

      • March 11, 2013 at 3:10 PM

        There’s nothing wrong with being picky! I really like the look of hard with soft but am going to be obsessing over flocking powder in about 3.7 seconds.

        Thank you! <3

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