Finished Project Made with the Silhouette Cameo!

So I finished my first couple projects that I’ve made with my Silhouette Cameo die-cutting machine! Once all the parts are cut, it’s super fast to just put it together. Took me about a day to make each one of these Mexican-inspired Sugar Skulls!


IMGP2957 198x300 Finished Project Made with the Silhouette Cameo!IMGP2935 210x300 Finished Project Made with the Silhouette Cameo!











I really enjoy making these. They are fun cause I have an idea of what the theme will be, but then cut a bunch of shapes & play with the layout. Plus they go really fast & now I have left over cutout shapes to make another!

I did an official “Scientific-like” test using different interfaces & how they cut on the machine.


Cutting Felt Test Felted Chicken Finished Project Made with the Silhouette Cameo!

This is what each piece of felt looked like right out of the machine. You can see which one looks like it cut the cleanest.


Cutting Felt Test 2 Felted Chicken Finished Project Made with the Silhouette Cameo!

This is what they look like after I pulled the excess felt away (or in the case of the Totally Stable, cut it away). The Heat N Bond definitely was the best in this test!



So it’s pretty much what I thought before… The Totally Stable cuts little & requires additional scissor cutting… Wonder Under was nice, cut okay, okay…. Heat N Bond was the best.

Heat N Bond won the contest, hands down… BUT… You can not needle felt it. The Interfacing is too thick & it won’t allow a needle to go through. I think the thinner Wonder Under would have the iron-on adhesion that I want PLUS you could probably needle felt through it.

*** THE BIGGEST FACTOR that affects how felt cuts on the Silhouette Cameo (or other die-cutting machine like the Cricut) is:


I know this sounds stupid, but I truly think that it’s the specific color, maybe even batch of felt that you try & cut. I cut the EXACT same shapes with the EXACT same settings, & they came out totally different. The only thing that was changed was the color. I think some colors of craft felt thicker or more fluffy… I don’t know… it’s kinda frustrating.

You think you got it down, then BAM, the Silhouette Cameo throws you a curve ball…



  15 comments for “Finished Project Made with the Silhouette Cameo!

  1. Danielle
    July 28, 2013 at 7:08 PM

    This is such an old post I’m sure you won’t answer, but just in case. May I ask what brand of felt you used? I bought cheap stuff from Walmart and it didn’t cut AT ALL!!! Frustrating. Thanks!

    • July 29, 2013 at 7:26 AM

      Hi Danielle!

      I did use “Craft Felt”, but bought at Joann’s. It’s the kind that comes in the 9″ x 11″ sheets (the cheap stuff). I did find that certain colors cut WAY better than others. PLUS, I found that usually you do have to snip the cut piece out because it will not cut all the way through. Also, it depends on how detailed you image is…

      Basically, there could be alot of factors that could go into it not working perfectly. I found that it’s not a bullet-proof way to cut felt, but can help speed things along if you have a lot of the same image to cut.

      Thanks for the question!
      Chrissy M.

  2. Brittny
    June 8, 2013 at 10:26 AM

    Are you using Heat n bond Lite (purple package) or Heat n bond Ultrahold (red package)??? I have both and the light you can sew through but not sure if it’s going to work to keep the shape of the felt or if it would be like the Wonder Under and stretch out a little?

    • June 10, 2013 at 6:06 AM

      It’s the RED one… “UltraHold”. But honestly I couldn’t tell you which works better. I’m thinking I got the Red one cause it was thicker, but since I don’t sew, it doesn’t really matter for me for the sew-a-bility factor. And I think you might be right, the Silhouette didn’t seem to work as well with the WonderUnder, so I’m thinking it might not work as well for the PURPLE. When I was attaching the cut felt, I ironed it onto a larger felt piece, and that seemed to hold really well (plus I would also needlefelt it for good measure).

      Chrissy M.

  3. September 17, 2012 at 3:50 AM

    thanks so much for reporting on your findings with felt. I am going to be purchasing one of these and was interested in if it cut out felt or not, as I am wanting to make felt flowers, also buntings with letters on them.

    • September 17, 2012 at 8:02 AM

      Thanks Jenny!

      I think the Silhouette would be great for those kind of projects. I’ve cut & made felt flowers with it. I don’t know if you are looking at getting a Silhouette or a Cricut, but I got the Silhouette for one basic reason: You can make your OWN patterns to cut instead of being limited to the pre-made cartridges. If you are somewhat savvy with photoshop, then the software is pretty easy to use. They do have pre-made patterns that you can buy & you can buy just one shape (for $1, instead of a whole thing for like $35).

      Good luck & have fun with your NEW TOY!!! After seeing some of your projects on your FB page, I think the silhouette would be perfect for you!!

      Chrissy M.

  4. September 11, 2012 at 9:09 PM

    Thank you so much for your reply! I REALLY appreciate it. Maybe I will put one on my Christmas list and see what happens. :) I’ve noticed differences in felt even off the same bolt. The felt went from super thin to really thick in a couple of feet. I had the lady at the cut table cut off the thin part before she made my cut. Must just be something about how it is made? I don’t even know what needle felting is, but I’m going to have to look around your blog some more and find out. Thanks again!


    • September 12, 2012 at 7:14 AM

      HAHA!! Yea, my husband got me mine for my Birthday! I probably wouldn’t have gotten one for myself, but I secretly really wanted it! I’ve noticed the difference in felt too. I think the Light Baby Pink felt is my least favorite to work with, you can almost see through it, it’s so thin!!

      Thanks for checking out my site! I’m always trying to expose people to Needle Felting, especially if you are felt lover like me!

      … and happen to be REALLY REALLY bad at sewing… like me!!

  5. Jessica
    September 9, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    Thanks for doing this test! Have you had any more success cutting felt with this machine? I’m trying to find a faster way to cut out all the pieces to make this and other things like it. Cutting the numbers alone takes SO long! Since this is mainly what I would be using it for, I want to make sure it would be worth the purchase. Do you think that using it to cut felt often would have any adverse affects on the machine and/or blade? Also, after you use the Heat N Bond, are you still able to stitch through it pretty easily? Thanks!

    • September 11, 2012 at 7:30 AM

      Hi Jessica! What a cute project! I love how you decorate the scene as the days go by!

      I think the Silhouette would be able to handle it. The only thing that I would be hesitant about is that cutting SMALL shapes doesn’t work that great. Since you have to “double cut” the shapes, it sometimes just obliterates details.

      I have used my silhouette to cut a lot of felt. It can be temperamental, some colors cut better than others. Not sure about how cutting felt affects the machine. I haven’t had to change the blade yet, & I take care to blow out all the fluffy lint that collects. They did just come out with a “Fabric” blade for the Silhouette, but haven’t got the chance to test it out yet.

      And as far as using the Heat N’ Bond, (I don’t sew only needle felt) I can tell you that there is a difference between the ease of getting a needle through the thicker, hardcore Heat N’ Bond & the thinner WonderUnder. The good thing about the Heat N’ Bond is that you don’t really have to sew it together, just iron it. But I would say to test it out & probably go with the thinner WonderUnder if you want to do alot of detail embroidery.

      I hope this helps. I love my Silhouette. I use it to make Birthday (paper) Cards and things also, so it was a good investment for me. I don’t use it everyday, and it does take some experimenting & some wasted time & felt to get the cuts you want. It’s a fun gadget to have in my studio, but not something I couldn’t live without!!! I think it would be up to you to decide if spending the $ would be worth… eventually… saving you the time!

      Chrissy M.

  6. June 23, 2012 at 1:41 PM

    I have been toying with the idea of buying a cutting machine for the last 3 years but since I would use it to exclusively cut felt I am not sure how often I would need to buy new blades and if set up isn’t as much work as just cutting shapes. But your pieces turned out so nicely I am back on the fence. Thanks a lot :P

    • June 24, 2012 at 9:28 AM

      I know exactly how you feel Andie! Been thinking about it for a couple years. It does take a bit of prep work (i.e. ironing the interfacing, prepping the files on the computer) but then when it cuts, I just let it do it’s thing & can work on other stuff. I decided on the Cameo because I’m able to work with my own files rather than being stuck with only cartridges like the Cricut.

      Also, I plan on using it for things other than just cutting felt. I’ve already made personalized Father’s Day cards, and plan on using it for other paper crafts like business tags, maybe die-cut stickers, and cut vinyl like the Spider Web I used on the Black Widow base.

      So it may not be for everyone, but so far I’m happy with it. I don’t think of the computer time as a big deal, and honestly… I HATE tracing & cutting out felt shapes! I don’t know, it’s just so tedious! Once my files are ready, I can cut out as many shapes as I need. If you make a TON of one item with the same shapes, I think it would be beneficial.

      p.s. You’re awesome!

  7. June 22, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    You always seem to amaze me with your wonder creations and creativity, Chrissy! I’ve said it before. But you’re one of the most innovative felters that I know.

    • June 23, 2012 at 6:27 AM

      No, YOU are amazing! Thanks Robin!

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